Regularly held workshops for personal and spiritual growth:

The core of these one day seminars is to open your heart to the Love Of God.

Through becoming aware of and transforming negative or problematic life circumstances, we can remove blockages and disturbances of our vital energy flow.

Negative thought patterns and habits can be recognized, cleansed and transformed.

The entrance to our innermost part (the soul), our spiritual power, to God as the dimension of Unconditional Love, can be opened again and strengthened with trust in ourselves and in the dimension of love.

  • Value and Power of Women

  • Extending Our Energy Field through Our Soul Colour

  • How I Can Protect Myself From Negative Influences in My Everyday Life – Healer Hygiene

  • Working with Spiritual Guides of High Frequency*

  • Embrace Your Soul and Meet Your Guardian Angel*

*These seminars help to sensitize us, to be able to perceive beings of subtle energy that are normally invisible to our eyes, such as Angels or Spiritual Guides of High Frequency in Gods Consciousness. By learning to recognise their deeply touching presence we aspire to eventually work with them.


Value and Power of Women

This seminar is only for women. On this day we will cleanse and attend to many old emotional wounds and wrong attitudes-issues that have undermined our worth and dignity as women for many lifetimes. This begins a healing process, commonly manifesting as more respect and a more loving attitude from others. Dignity and self-confidence will be strengthened enormously, and relationships can be viewed from different perspectives through a newly acquired attitude and the initiated healing process. We can again express our femininity, and our male and female parts will be brought into balance.

Costs:   € 165,- / 1 day +20% tax


Extending Our Energy Field Through Our Soul Colour

The energy field of the earth is inseparably connected to our own energy field.

If the energy field of the earth changes, so does ours.

In this seminar we get an intensive cleansing and special access to our soul plane. Through this exercise, our energy field will expand 75-100 times its normal size. This big energy field will temporarily protect us from negative influences and emotional stress that we often are exposed to in our everyday life.

After we have learned to expand our energy field we experience balance on all our levels of consciousness-this is something that feels very good. The new connection that we make with our soul will put us into a natural high and will enable us to better feel unity with God.

Costs: €  165,-  / 1 day +20% tax


How Can I Protect Myself From Negative Influences in My Everyday Life – Healer Hygiene

Spiritual/Energetic hygiene is a necessity for every human being. It is not only for therapists, spiritual healers, teachers, and people in nursing or social jobs, etc.

We all need protection because we are vulnerable human beings and we are exposed to many energetic impurities through our activities.

We pay attention to our physical hygiene, and we make use of the support of therapists, but on a spiritual/energetic level most of us don’t pay attention to maintaining our purity. This can cause a weakening of our energetic body and can often lead to a burnout syndrome. Even if we have the best intentions if we are burned out, powerless, or physically sick we cannot help people to help themselves. In this seminar, we will learn about mindfulness and the possibilities to protect ourselves from negative influences using easy but very effective methods.

Costs:  €  165,- / 1 day  + 20% tax


Working With Spiritual Guides of High Frequency

It is important to know who and which spiritual powers we call upon for help and support for our life or in our work with people. In this seminar, we learn a lot about spiritual guides of high frequency in God's Consciousness and Angels.

We learn why they are here and want to work with, for or through us, and how we can perceive their presence.

Costs:  €  165,-  / 1 day + 20% tax


Embrace Your Soul and Meet Your Guardian Angel

A few years ago we had an opportunity to get in touch with our guardian angels for the first time at an angel seminar by Victor Barron.

Profoundly moved by this experience, we have worked with our guardian angels intensely together ever since. If we ask them they support and accompany us in a special, unconditionally loving manner on all levels.

Authorised and inspired by our teacher, we are pleased to be able to share this opportunity with many other people. In this seminar, which can be one or two days long, we will tune ourselves to perceive our gentle and bright companions through cleansing and healing rituals. We invite you warmly to a day full of heartfelt, touching encounters, that will possibly change a dimension of your life.

Costs:   €  165,- / 1 day +20% tax 

Regularly Held Group Healing Meditations:

Instructed by a professional healer the inner healing processes will be stimulated through spiritual cleansing. The consciousness will also be boosted, which will aid personal and spiritual development.

All healing meditations cost €30-€35 including tax unless otherwise stated.

Removing the Mask of Fear

In this healing meditation we come to understand that fear is mainly generated in our head and is a creation of our mind. Our mind as part of our ego creates these negative thoughts.

This fear can grow into a "monster" - and only we have the power to destroy it.

We can confront our fears in a safe setting, let them go and overcome them.

This "exercise" can be repeated several times if needed.

Simultaneously, through profound cleansings the roots of fear will be removed /dissolved from the age of cause (frozen memories).

Unfolding of the Spirit

To participate in this meditation a personal session for a spiritual cleansing/healing is required at least 1-3 months prior to the meditation! In this session we experience a kind of “soul massage” and cleansings/healings on different levels of our being. Spiritual guides of high frequency in God´s consciousness and angels work with us. They set enormous self-healing processes in motion and raise our consciousness. We feel a pleasant inner silence. Our thoughts come to a standstill, leaving our body completely relaxed afterwards.

Protection of "Grandmother Turtle"

This is a wonderful and very powerful meditation. We learn how to connect ourselves consciously with the magnetic grid, the Mother of God and the powerful Spirit of Grandmother Turtle. This builds up a temporary protection. We also learn how to renew this protective shield for ourselves.

Awaken Your Intuition

Through our intuition we have the opportunity to react to events appropriately within seconds or to anticipate things. It gives us the opportunity to use our "inner voice", so we can be in unison with our divine plan of life. In this healing meditation we gain access to our deep inner knowledge. We learn how to re-awaken this voice and how to listen to it.

Balancing The Male and Female Energies

In this healing meditation we become conscious of the female and male energies within.

We don´t get our desired response from the outside world when we act very masculine as women or feminine as men.

During this meditation we become aware of our tendencies and through this healing process we have the opportunity to get back into our natural balanced energy.

Expansion of Our Energy Field through Our Soul Colour

In this meditation we repeat the Soul Colour exercise - our personal energy field expands 75-100 times its original size.

This exercise can only be attended by individuals who previously participated in this seminar (see below for seminars). This meditation creates, among other things, an enormous, temporary protection field around us and strengthens our whole BEING.

Connection with the Christ Consciousness

We have the freedom of choice to be connected to the Christ Consciousness.

In the event of losing this consciousness through our negative human tendencies, we have the opportunity to reconnect immediately. In this meditation we learn how to accomplish that and why it is so important for us.

Removal of Emotional Conflicts to Love and Accept Ourselves

All our negative personal experiences (like shock, trauma, hurt, injury,...) and the resulting negative blockages are stored in our chakras. During this meditation we can experience a profound cleansing of our unconscious patterns and enormous self-healing processes are activated.

The Art of Forgiveness and Self-love

In many situations we feel like a victim. While in this state we often experience a lack of joy within ourselves, and feelings of blissful happiness are rare. We cannot love and accept ourselves as we are. We have forgotten the love of God and we don`t know who or what God is.

This lack of understanding and acceptance keeps us in many negative human tendencies like uncertainty, self-judgement, fear, addictions, self-denial, jealousy, greed, and more. The key is forgiveness. In this healing meditation you get the opportunity to forgive yourself and others, to resolve unsolved emotional conflicts and let them go.

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