Kordula Schnur

I am a graduate Art – therapist and pedagogue and a life and social counselor. For 25 years I worked with children.

Since 2007, I have worked as a human energetic and Certified Spiritual Healer, as well as Authorized Teacher of the Healing Methods according to Victor Barron www.victorbarron.com. 

I also conduct holistic spiritual counseling and guidance.


Monika Ussner

For many years I was the owner and managing director of a single product distribution for pharmacies, health food shops, and therapists in Austria.

Since 2007 I've worked as a human energetic and Certified Spiritual Healer, as well as an Authorized Teacher of Healing Methods according to Victor Barron (victorbarron.com). I also conduct holistic spiritual counseling and guidance.

I have the gift of seeing pictures in your hands and of interpreting them for you.

Matter Of The Heart

Loving ourselves and others, and forgiving ourselves and others can only be achieved through our hearts. Using the God-given key of forgiveness, and with unconditional love and our free will, we have the opportunity to free ourselves from negativity and burdens.

Most people need healers to accompany us during the heart-opening process. They lovingly guide us to personal responsibility. A spiritual healer who acts as a channel for Divine love gives us the opportunity to change ourselves and to become aware that we have freedom of choice.

We need to recognize our blockages in order to overcome the cycle of destructive beliefs and patterns related to our negative human tendencies.

Through this process we achieve clarity in consciousness and we support our personal and spiritual growth. We become able to let go of the past, to be more present in the here and now, and to constructively shape our future.

The purpose of our work is to open the heart, to remove negativity and stress, and to stimulate the personal healing and transformation process.

Our work is founded on Victor Barron's teachings. His Shaman name is "Whirling Wind". He is a spiritual teacher, shaman, clairvoyant and medium. Victor Barron has been healing and teaching worldwide for more than 40 years. He lives and works in Los Angeles where he leads the "Body Mind and Spirit Healing Center". For more information about Victor go to www.victorbarron.com 

The Legend of Grandmother Turtle

In one of the creation stories, told by the Lakota, one of the tribes of the Sioux, the Grandmother Turtle had a great mission.

Before Humans lived on the earth, it was covered by water. The Great Spirit – The Creator wanted to use mud from under the water to make solid ground, but needed a place to put the mud on top of the water.

So Grandmother Turtle swam to the top of the water to carry the mud that became earth. To this day, turtles walk very slowly because they carry the weight of the world on their backs. Some Native Americans refer to the earth as Turtle Island. And in their eyes Grandmother Turtle was one of the protectors of Mother Earth.

That inspired us to give this Name to our Center – because we honour Mother Earth as we adore The Great Spirit – The Creator of the Universe – also named GOD