A spiritual cleansing of home or business includes the removal of negative, stagnant energies and the release of earthbound spirits.

Energetic disturbances in houses, properties, apartments and business premises can not always be consciously perceived by we humans. Nevertheless, they exist.

These disorders can negatively impact our health and our emotional sensibilities.
Many places are also heavily biased by their "history" and can therefore cause disturbances on different levels.

Signs of disturbances can be:

  • The feeling of an invisible presence
  • Unexplained noises and smells
  • Persistent fatigue and exhaustion
  • Mental and emotional stress
  • Increased conflicts
  • Occurrence of negative thoughts
  • Sleep disorders, inner restlessness
  • Blocks of creativity and productivity
  • Business difficulties …etc

A spiritual house cleansing includes:

  • Spiritual and energetic cleansing of premises and land
  • Realignment of the magnetic grid lines (thereby bringing buildings and land back into a harmonic-natural-unobstructed energy flow)

Especially important is a good flow of energy in rooms where many people are constantly moving: Therapy rooms, offices and all kinds of business premises, (companies, restaurants, hotels, schools, kindergartens, hospitals, institutes etc ...)

Purpose of this Spiritual and Energetic Purification:

  • The feeling of peace and clarity in the rooms
  • The feeling of "having arrived home" positive thoughts
  • The feeling of being able to work productively again with increased inspiration
  • The energy can flow freely and unhindered again
  • Harmony within the family or work colleagues / teams
  • The cleansed rooms become islands of recreation and new power resources
  • Success and pleasure in working in the office and business comes back

Cost: Price depends on size of property and on travelling time required.

We also offer spiritual remote cleansing. This saves travel expenses for international properties or if an on-site cleansing is not convenient.


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