Since I have undergone spiritual cleansing of my home and my little garden, I feel incredibly safe and secure. Before that, I often felt uncomfortable. Especially restless sleep and the feeling that sometimes someone was watching me stressed me a lot.

Now I can relax all around my home. Even my friends and family have noticed the change. Visitors feel very comfortable with me and hardly want to leave ;-))

If I ever move, I would immediately call the Grandmother Turtle team again and ask for house cleansing. I can highly recommend this to everyone!!! Many Thanks!
— Mag. M.A. Schwarzinger, 3400 Klosterneuburg
“The essential is invisible to the eyes” Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

The apartment is in a very good location and was beautifully renovated and ready for a new tenant. In this regard, nothing happened over the months. It is not due to a miracle, it is the very, very strong spiritual power of Monika Ussner and Kordula Schnur, their unwavering faith in God’s work and love, who make energies flow in every situation, which were previously blocked.

24 hours after the call to Grandmother Turtle in Vienna when they started the spiritual distance healing for this apartment, interested people for the apartment, who now live there today and treat my home as well as if it is their property.

I thank God for leading me to Grandmother Turtle and Monika and Kordula, for their everlasting and enriching support in so many of my life situations.
— K. Valerius, 10777 Berlin
My old apartment (turn of the century) feels so “clean” now. I feel safe and secure and she has good energy. When I moved here, I often felt restlessness and fears and attributed it to the “Old Apartment”, although it was obviously well renovated.

I could not do anything about it myself and was so happy when a friend told me about the spiritual work of Ms. Ussner and Ms. Schnur. I would like to thank you very much for the spiritual house cleaning.
— B. Irmey, 1020 Wien
My ten-year-old daughter took me out of bed at night and, quite upset, pointed to a corner of her room and said, “Mom, there’s a monster in the corner of the ceiling - please put it away.” I thought of her nightmares and stayed with her until she fell asleep again. The following night the whole trauma repeated. Then when a school friend ran screaming out of the room with the words ... “Help the room is haunted!”

A friend gave me the website of Grandmother Turtle in Austria and so I asked for a spiritual remote cleansing of our apartment. The next evening the monster-man was no longer visible and general wellbeing of my two children was felt. I was really surprised by the difference. We all slept so well, we are all happier and more relaxed than before.

A positive side effect: I finally got up to the task of clearing out our apartment and redesigning it - that’s what I had lacked in all those years before, I had no energy.

So we can only recommend Grandmother Turtle. The two nice ladies are very empathetic and can explain well on Skype, what’s going on there. You feel in good hands and the result of their work speaks for itself.
— Fam. Schmöllebeck, 90408 Nürnberg, Deutschland
Dear Kordula and Dear Monika,

I was completely exhausted Thursday after the session with both of you. I had the feeling that I did not really say thank you. I would like to make up for it this way. I would like to express a big thank you. You have really taken a big burden off me. I feel a lot better since the cleansing, which shows me how much I have carried around with me. Thank you both! and I take my hat off to your work! I wish you all the best and I look forward to seeing you again!

All love from the heart,
— Karolina