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Traditional Shamanic Healing

  • Grandmother Turtle OG Haasgasse 10/ Top 4 1020, Wien Austria (Karte)
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This intensive 3-day workshop is designed to teach you four indigenous spiritual healings (Traditional, Emotional, Good Luck, Relationship). You will learn how to work with nature and use raw natural materials to assist in these powerful healings. Layers of unwanted issues and emotional blocks will be lifted on all levels including the cellular memory. As you experience these powerful healings for yourself, you will have the knowledge and option to give these shamanic healings to others. This workshop will assist in the process of removing bad negative energies around your persona. Once cleanse, you will feel very attractive and have this natural high about yourself. It will soften your appearance allowing your natural magnetism to reveal your true inner beauty. If you are in a relationship, it only gets better. If you are not, you become more attractive to your soul mate.

To register, call Kordula an: +43 699 12278841 or Monika: +43 664 1246069. Or you can use this form:

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