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The New Contract of Life - Healing Workshop

  • Grandmother Turtle OG Haasgasse 10/ Top 4 1020 Wien Austria (Karte)
New Contract Grandmother Turtle.jpg

In this workshop, you will have the opportunity to let go of your existing contract of life. Kordula and Monika will ask for God’s guidance to remove the old energy in regards to your negative blocks, weaknesses, behaviors, patterns, etc. This is followed by the sacred burning ceremony at which time you are given the chance to offer God your old contract. Once you are clean and clear of the old contract, we can begin to infuse the new contract of your new Life, with the strength to receive and put into practice all your new positive dreams, wishes and desires with God’s blessings.

This workshop will be guided by Kordula and Monika.



Call Kordula an: +43 699 12278841 oder Monika: +43 664 1246069 or use this form:

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