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Traditional Shamanic Healings For Our Clients

  • Grandmother Turtle OG Haasgasse 10/ Top 4 1020 Wien Austria (Karte)
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While the client is lying on a massage table the entire body is treated with several natural healing herbs. By the unconditional love of God and the help of the Spirit of Nature and many natural herbs you receive a deep cleansing – healing on many levels. 

You will be released from mental blocks, emotional traumas, negative behaviour patterns, fears and pains. 

You increase inner strength, self-love and your natural magnetism develops. This will also help you to go forward in your life and grow in consciousness.

Time of treatment:  90 min

Costs:  €520

To register use the form below or call:

Kordula: +43 699 12278841, or Monika: +43 664 1246069

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