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Shamanic Cleansing With The Spirit of Nature

  • Grandmother Turtle O.G. 10 Haasgasse Wien, Wien, 1020 Austria (Karte)
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Through a grateful and humble inner attitude, we get to know the particularly powerful collaboration of healer, prayer and holy herbs from Mother Nature's garden. We also involve the position of the moon and ask the spirit of nature for help to accomplish this great cleansing and healing ceremony for us.

This method of distance healing is applied to land, houses, flats and the families or firms living in it, to relieve them of heavy, negative burdens and attachments.

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Kordula: +43 699 12278841, or Monika: +43 664 1246069

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Frühere Veranstaltung: 15. Februar
Basislehrgang 2
Spätere Veranstaltung: 1. März
Schamanische Reinigung Mit Dem Spirit Der Natur