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Healer Training: Basic Level 4

Day One:

·      Sacred Cutting Stone

You will learn how to connect spiritually to all the healing tools, instruments of God that allow us to do and work miracles with many of our clients. You will also learn about the sacred cutting stone and how it can communicate with you to help your clients achieve wellness and wellbeing.

·      Blessed Scissors

Blessed Scissors is another healing instrument that you will learn to use. We remove negative energies that are attached to our energy field. That is a very simple way to feel great.

Day Two:

·      Sacred Fire Stick

The Fire Stick Workshop is offered as an alternative healing modality. It’s a benefit for those with the passion and the calling for the Fire Stick and will be taking the Spirit Removal Workshop. You will receive the blessing from God, the permission from Whirling Wind and the knowledge on how to work with the Sacred Fire Stick. With one sweep around the energy field you can remove disease, negative energies and it can assist you in removing spells and witchcraft.

Day Three:

·      Blessed Horsetail

You will be taught how to use the Sacred Blessed Horse Tail correctly. It has the ability to assist and give your energy field a healing. Our energy field can sometimes get stagnant not allowing the energy to flow correctly. This can also bring pain to our physical body.

Also our mental negative thinking causes blockages not allowing your energy to flow correctly within your energy field.

·      Blessed Frankincense

You will be introduced to the secret of the Blessed Frankincense and the Blessed Prayer that releases the healing power of cleansing and removing the negative energies.

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