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Healer Training: Basic Level 2

  • Grandmother Turtle OG Haasgasse 10/ Top 4 1020 Wien Austria (Karte)

Day One:

·      Hands on Healing Workshop

This workshop awakens your healing abilities for those new to healing work. For those practicing healing work, it will increase your effectiveness. All healers will work on the energy body and not the physical body. You will learn step by step techniques on how to feel healing energy in your hands and physical body. You will also learn long distance healings.  There will be hands-on training on how to relieve minor discomforts such as headaches, cramps, toothaches, armor leg pain just to mention a few.

Day Two:

·      Basic Information on the major prayers to do healings

·      How to bless correctly

Day Three:

·      Bowl of Life

Victor’s spirit guides have taught him to use simple, natural ingredients with profound results for emergency situations (i.e. heart attack, head injuries, burns and operations of all types, etc.) In this shamanic workshop, you will learn three ways to do these healings. These healings can be done for yourself, family members or clients. It works great as a long distance healing.

To register use the form below or call:

Kordula: +43 699 12278841, or Monika: +43 664 1246069

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