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Healer Training: Basic Level 1

  • Grandmother Turtle OG Haasgasse 10/ Top 4 Wien, 1020 Austria (Karte)

Day One:

·      Embrace Yourself & Meet Your Guardian Angel

In this beautiful healing process you will experience a deep connection, a gift from God, your Angel. Through a series of healing meditations and burning ceremonies, you will release negative emotions, self-sabotaging, self-denial, and limitations you have put on yourself. Once the purification process has ended, the interactive exercises will reinforce your trust and communication with your Beloved Guardian Angel.

Day Two:

·      Balancing Exercises

·      Balancing Your Feminine & Masculine Self

·      Mask of Fear

·      Grandmother Turtle Protection Healing Meditation

·      Mind I give you wellness, I give you well being.

We will begin with balancing your left, right brain. Followed by a healing meditation on your female/mal energies within your persona. Fear is a big problem in our society. It can literally destroy your life. You will learn how to remove fear from your life and be able to help others to set them free. After lunchtime your will learn a sacred meditation of protection. The Great Spirit blesses all creation but the spirit of Grandmother Turtle can protect us from negative energies and can be called upon to protect you. The last healing meditation is to teach you how to quite your mind. It is a very simple and deeply profound way to experience peace and silence.

Day Three:

·      Holy Belt

You will learn the Secret of the Blessed Holy Belt and why is it necessary to use while doing any kind of spiritual work. You will also learn how the Holy belt can protect you.

·      Healer Hygiene Workshop

It is a foundation needed for all spiritual healing work. It will give you the knowledge, awareness and the tools to prevent absorption of negative energies that causes exhaustion and draining of the physical body resulting in healer burnout. You will learn simple and effective practices to protect yourself, your clients and ensure that your workspace is spiritually clean.

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