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Healer Training: Basic Level 3

  • Grandmother Turtle OG Haasgasse 10/ Top 4 1020 Wien Austria (Karte)

Day One

Shamanic Candle Healing Workshop
This simple, yet intensive, one-day candle workshop will assist everyone during these challenging times. You will learn a special prayer that will invoke God’s blessing before completing the candle preparation. Various colored candles will be used in combination for such things as: protection against negativity, spirit attachments, breaking spells, and healing for yourself and others to bring emotional, physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing to your and their lives.

Day Two:

Connecting and Grounding yourself to reality
Does everything stick to you? Learn to meditate correctly, learn to cut cords, avoid feeling spacey and open 24 hours, connect and ground yourself to reality.

Day Three:

Knowing & Working With Your Spiritual Guides
This workshop gives you awareness and knowledge about spirit guides in a very simple way. It answers many questions for you. Why are there spirit guides? Who can have a spirit guide? What do I have to do to have a spirit guide? These questions and many more will be answered in
the workshop. You will learn the difference between an earthbound spirit and a spirit guide of high frequency in God’s consciousness. Is
your information coming through a spirit guide, your own intuition or a negative spirit?

Spiritual Enlightenment with the Unfolding Process
The Unfolding process is an ancient way of leaving behind all negative human tendencies. You will be able to discern between high and low frequency spirits and experience a spiritual massage on your physical body. Your inner truth will be amplified to give you the opportunity to change for your higher good. As a result, the Unfolding process allows you to grow to higher levels of consciousness so that you can eventually work with spiritual guides of high frequency who are in God’s consciousness.

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