Training as Spiritual Healer: 5 Basic Courses with Graduation Certificate


The Spiritual Healer training includes five basic courses. You will receive a graduation certificate after successful participation.


These basic courses include theory, methodology, and practice of "Leech Removal" based on the teachings of Victor Barron (*). This includes the removal of earthbound, addictive spirits, negative energies and several additional healings supporting your clients’ healing processes. Furthermore, you will learn correct use of different spiritual instruments (blessed cutting stone, scissors, firestick, incense, Healer Hygiene, different far distance Healings aso...).


The requirements for the training as a Spiritual Healer are independent of age, sex and education. You need an open heart, faith and trust in God, integrity, love for humanity, courage to face your own negative human tendencies, and a good sense of humour.


Through this intense training and spiritual work you can get in touch with the depths of your soul. It initiates the process of self-awareness – a process that is everyone’s own responsibility to handle. As well as learning the methods, participating in this training provides the opportunity for personal and spiritual growth that can benefit us on all levels of our life.


After completing the basic training there is the opportunity to attend intermediate and advanced trainings with Victor Barron in person. These trainings take place annually with the focus on deepening your knowledge and practice, and they include many additional healing methods. We also offer special days for the participants to practise healing methods.


Each of the 5 basic courses takes place on one weekend per month from Friday till Sunday and one from Thursday till Sunday.



(*) Humanity`s Spiritual Plague; VICTOR BARRON: ISBN 0-9721598-2-7 This book is not available in Austrian bookstores. You can order it in our centre.




New appointments 2017:
Basic Training 1 / 21.04. - 23.04.2017 (3 days)
Basic Training 2 / 05.05. - 07.05.2017 (3 days)
Basic Training 3 / 02.06. - 04.06.2017 (3 days)
Basic Training 4 / 07.07. - 09.07.2017 (3 days)
Basic Training 5 / 24.08. - 27.08.2017 (4 days)

Training costs total for 16 days: € 3168,- including 20% taxes (Mwst)


For more information (training content and other questions) you are welcome to ask us anytime:


M. Ussner  +43 664 1246069

K. Schnur  +43 699 12278841

Victor Barron
Victor Barron