Single Sessions:

Personal Spiritual Cleansing


If you have one of the following symptoms or conditions, a spiritual cleansing/healing could be very helpful:


Deep-seated fear and panic attacks
Deep sadness and depression
Personal crisis
Insecurities and low self-esteem
Unsocial behaviour
Mood swings
Chronic physical and emotional exhaustion
Relationship problems
Professional problems
Physical pain
Addictions (drugs, alcohol, smoking and other addictions)
Sleeping disorders and nightmares
Suicidal tendencies
Lack of energy / chronic fatigue
And many more


The Purpose of a Spiritual Cleansing


Experiencing a natural high and general positive disposition
Creating a joyful and meaningful life
Developing positive interpersonal relationships
Experiencing freedom and empowerment


Healing of negative relationships through forgiveness
Heart opening, self-love and self-acceptance
Revealing of personal gifts and skills
Letting go of negative habits
Spiritual, mental and physical wellbeing
Boosting serenity and inner balance
Developing confidence in your way of life
Energetic and spiritual hygiene for people in therapeutic and supporting professions



A Personal Spiritual Session Includes:


Removal of negative energies, blockages and spiritual attachments
Detection and removal of suppressed traumatic experiences, which are frozen in the cellular memory, activation of self-healing processes
Spirit insertion into the physical body
Follow-up care after the healing.


Costs: 150 € including 20% tax



Traditional Shamanic Herbal Treatment

The client is lying on a massage table and the entire body is treated with several healing herbs.
This treatment has profound, cleansing and healing effects on your body, mind and spirit.


Costs:  On request


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Victor Barron
Victor Barron