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Spiritual Cleansing and Blessing of Home and Business + Magnetic Grid Correction

Sacred Firestick

Distance Healings (3 Methods)

Method 1: The Spiritual Power of Candles and Prayers

Method 2: Shamanic Healing/Cleansing with the Spirit of Nature

Method 3: Bowl of Life

Hands on Healing


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Duration:             1-2 days per training

Costs:                 See further down in the text

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Spiritual Cleansing and Blessing of Home and Business + Magnetic Grid Correction



We learn the spiritual cleansing of houses, flats, properties and businesses-including how to remove energetic dirt, stagnant energies and earthbound spirits. Additionally, we learn how to increase the flow of positive energy through the correction of the magnetic grid, which brings well-being and harmony for each home and its residents.


The cleansed space turns into an area of regeneration and a source of new strength.



Costs:   €   395,- / 2 days          incl.20%Mwst

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Sacred Firestick


The firestick is a powerful healing instrument. In this workshop we learn the correct way of handling this very strong, sacred instrument and the powerful energies of the fire. Everyone who feels the call of the fire in their heart will feel attracted to this workshop.


Only through the blessing of God are we able to receive the fire's healing power.


We can remove negative energies and strong burdens with only one sweep of the firestick around the energy field. The power of the firestick is also used for the spiritual cleansing of homes and businesses. We have the opportunity to practise with the firestick at the workshop.



Costs:   €   165,-/ 1 day        incl.20%Mwst.

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Training for Distance Healings

1.) The Spiritual Power of Candles and Prayers


In this one-day seminar we learn how to do Traditional Shamanic Candle healings. We use simple white candles prepared with different healing herbs, colourful ribbons, and other ingredients which ease emotional and physical pain and perform distant spiritual cleansings of individuals. We learn about the power of different healing herbs and how important it is to show respect for Mother Earth by asking the spirit of the herb for permission to use it for spiritual healing. The best Traditional Shamanic Candle Healings are achieved through integrity and the intention to help others. Our spiritual power is founded on our faith in God and the confidence in his support, which is the foundation and reason the spiritual cleansings/healings occur. Our spiritual power grows with each candle healing.




Costs:   €  175,- / 1 day         incl.20%Mwst. 

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2.) Cleansing with the Spirit of Nature


This distant healing method is used to free properties, houses, flats, families, and businesses from heavy negative stress and ties.


We learn its particularly powerful collaboration of healer, prayer, and herbs from the garden of Mother Nature with a thankful and humble attitude. We also take into consideration the alignment of the moon and ask the Spirit of Nature for assistance to perform this particularly strong cleansing and healing ceremony for us.




Costs:   €  175,- / 1 day        incl.20%Mwst.

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3) Bowl of Life


This distant healing method is a beautiful and very simple way to help yourself, your family or clients in emergency situations.


The bowl of life is a spiritual support that builds upon the medical treatment you get for medication conditions like heart attacks, burns, injuries of all types, operations, etc. and leads to faster recovery and emotional relaxation.

It also helps in cases of stressful situations, for instance, children who fell stressed with studying, time pressure, and psychological issues.


Again, we use natural ingredients like water, fresh eggs, herbs, flowers, honey, lemons and others.




Costs:   €  175,- / 1 day         incl.20%Mwst.

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Hands on Healing


In this seminar we learn how to use our hands as an energetic and spiritual healing instrument. We learn how to feel energy fields, how to cleanse them and remove blockages. No previous knowledge is required, only interest in working with the human energy field. We learn how to do energetic treatments that can be useful in urgent situations.



Costs: €  165,- / 1 day          incl.20%Mwst.    

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Victor Barron
Victor Barron